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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom® Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Pirates of the Caribbean Parrot

Disney World sets itself apart from other theme parks by its attention to detail. They usually aren't the details that you rave to your friends about, rather they are the accents that keep your eyes wide in amazement as you tour the parks. Here is the Parrot who perches outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, spouting off Pirate jargon.

Ride Length: about 10 minutes A true Disney Classic and must-see! Peek in on a group of Audio-Animatronics pirate's adventures on this wonderful, indoor boat ride. Fun Fact: One of the last projects Walt Disney had a hand in creating.

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Fun! 11/30/2016 by Jodi Pew
This store has so many neat and fun items. You can find all sorts of things to add a bit of pirate whimsy to your day. And, of course, since it's right by Pirates of the Caribbean, you'll arrive pre-disposed to all sorts of pirate loot! Ahoy matey! Go get yer pirate loot on yer way out! Read reviews by this author

Movie follows the ride 4/29/2012 by Christee Thomas

I have to give the Walt Disney World version of Pirates of the Caribbean a 4, just due to the fact that I have experienced the Disneyland attraction and it's just a little different and better.  I just finished watching Pirates of the Caribbean , Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest and every time I watch I pick up more and more ride similarities.  I have watched all of the Pirate movies several times and they just keep getting better and better with new things that pop out.  Now I need to experience the attraction a few hundred times so I can find even more fun things to look for in the movies. 

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Pirates Bazaar 7/12/2010 by Franniepoppins
The Pirates Bazaar, located by the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, is a fun store to shop in.  Anything pirate that you want, you will find there.  Lots of pirate themed games, and jewelry, clothes, etc.  I Read reviews by this author

Not as good as Disneyland Pirate Ride 6/2/2007 by Kristin
Don‘t get me wrong, I love the Pirates ride always and forever.  It's a classic from even when I was growing up.  I rode the ride in Disneyland last Thanksgiving seeing the refurbished ride and was sooo impressed, it was awesome.  I expected the same at Magic Kingdom but was left a little short.  It seemed the ride was not as long, you don‘t go through the bayoo, there is no talking skull and no big drops.  I managed to love the ride enough to find myself still riding it multiple times, but just know this is one ride Disneyland has an upper hand on.  Still you must ride it!!! Read reviews by this author

Its a classic! 5/22/2007 by Ser Alan
There is just something soothing and pleasant as you float thorugh the mayhem that is the pirates of the caribbean!  Now its fun to spot the Johnny Depp :P Read reviews by this author

YOHO, Mateys! 9/20/2006 by Ahnalira

Always fun as a nostalgic trip on one of the first Disney attractions, now this ride has extra special pizzazz with the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow woven throughout the animatronic scenes.  I have a feeling this will be one of my must-do attractions at the Magic Kingdom from now on

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pirates of the caribbean
1/21/2006 by tricia

Ride filled with wax-figure pirates that are life-like, but not in a scary way.  This ride is fun for children and adults alike.  You are loaded onto a little boat and are off to watch the pirates pillaging and singing the famous tune "A Pirates Life for Me".  Very entertaining and one of my favorite rides in Disney World.

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Animatronic Jack Sparrow


These animatronic characters are so life-like their feet are dirty; >)

Ahoy, Matey! You've arrived:)

Captain Jack Sparrow shows up in the most interesting places...

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