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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom® Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Show Length: 22 minutes Open Seasonally The Carousel of Progress follows an Audio-Animatronic family from the early 1900s to the near-future, showcasing the progress of technology. In the show's beginning, the family is excited about getting indoor plumbing and electricity, while the last scene you find the family at Christmas-time enjoying a new virtual reality game. Although in need of some refurbishment, this is still a true Disney Classic, not to be missed.

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COP! 6/28/2013 by Tonya

"There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" come sing it with me!! Carousel of Progress is the best sit down and  relax - even get to learn - rides at the Magic Kingdom, IMO. It's a must see for us on every trip. Going through the 1900's is so great. The sounds, the music, and knowing Walt himself made the ride just as to the special feel of it. There's just something magcial that puts Walt right there with you on the ride.

I can't tell you how many times during the year I'll sing the song and catch my family doing the same thing. We always stop and say, "I wish I was sitting on COP NOW"!!!

If you haven't enjoyed this timeless beauty, I highly suggest it on your next WDW adventure.

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Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress Tradition 2/28/2013 by Franniepoppins

My family visited Walt Disney World in December 2012.  This attraction is one of our traditions.  Every family has their Disney traditions, right?  I love this traditional attraction because I know it is something Walt Disney created.  The beautiful Sherman Brothers song "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!" is the signature song of the attraction.  It is all about optimism.  The song connects me with the attraction.  This trip was a little different from any other one.  Robert Sherman passed away on March 5, 2012.  So, I felt I little different when I experienced Carousel of Progress this time.  His legacy lives on right there in Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

I know what to expect from this attraction.  Walt Disney hoped it would be a part of the Disney theme parks forever.  I hope the same thing.

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Carousel of Progress 5/19/2010 by Franniepoppins
I was able to experience this attraction, after having traveled a gazillion times to Walt Disney World, and it not being open.  I was so happy to see it open, and LOVED it.  Knowing Walt created it, and feeling his thoughts in it really was amazing.  Walt Disney World provides to many different types of entertainment options.  This is a mainstay, part of the heart of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Read reviews by this author

carousel of progress
1/21/2006 by tricia

Created by walt disney himself, it is a very interesting and fun ride through the 1900s.  It shows the progress made throughout the years with many different household appliances.  the ride rotates from one room to the next, each room lasting about 5 minutes.  you can barely tell that youre moving, but its so cool.  it also has the occasional humorous joke.  i love this ride!

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